Can’t find 12 Runners? Try our new 6-Pack™!

Register as a 6-Pack team at select Ragnar Relay events and we’ll match your team with another 6 runners.

How it works

You fill one van with five of your favorite friends and we do the legwork to pair you with another 6-Pack of Ragnarians for one awesome experience.

Things you should know

  • Running with a 6-Pack will still qualify you for our awesome Double Medals.
  • 6-Pack paired teams will be designated as mixed team gender classifications.
  • Once paired, Van 1’s Captain will become the overall team Captain and Van 2’s Captain will become the overall Asst. Captain.
  • Each 6-Pack team is required to provide 1 volunteer. If a 6-Pack team is non-local, standard exemptions apply to that 6-Pack only.
  • 6-Pack teams cannot request to be paired with another 6-Pack team.
  • While we do our best to accommodate your van preference, it is subject to availability and not guaranteed.

Other questions? Check out our FAQ.