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So Cal preliminary results HERE

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Ragnar So Cal Photo Album by Ragnar Relay Series.


Google Earth Tool

Want to find out what is near the course or  see how far you migrated off course? If so, download Google Earth and take a look here.

Downland the NEW SoCal Pace Calculator

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Important Dates

June 08, 2013 Registration Start Date
February 07, 2014 Start Time Request is Available
February 28, 2014 Name Change Deadline
February 28, 2014 Registration Close Date
February 28, 2014 Volunteer Shifts Available
March 05, 2014 $10 Team Member Substitution Fee
March 07, 2014 Start Time Request Deadline
March 18, 2014 $20 Team Member Substitution Fee
April 03, 2014 Volunteer Shift Deadline
April 04, 2014 Pay for Volunteer Deadline
April 04, 2014 Start Date
April 05, 2014 End Date
100% full
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