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2012 Teams

Number Team Name  Team Type  Start Time 
1Team BioFuelRegular7:30 am
2A Little Hell From My FriendsRegular6:30 am
3UltradumbsUltra6:30 am
4Twisted BlisterRegular6:30 am
5Against our Better JudgementRegular9:00 am
6The Amazing Fantastic 12Regular12:00 pm
7Miracle on PavementRegular10:00 am
8All Balls No BrainsRegular6:00 am
9Roadside Dance BanditsRegular11:30 am
10Weekend WarriorsRegular6:00 am
11The DackersRegular9:00 am
12Reflect ThisRegular8:30 am
13RMFAO: Party Runners on the Route TonightRegular7:00 am
14Forge RacingRegular12:30 pm
15Tortured SolesRegular8:00 am
16Rust Never SleepsRegular7:30 am
17NetAppRegular7:30 am
18VanimalsRegular1:00 pm
19Blood Sweat and BeersRegular9:30 am
20bringing XC backRegular6:30 am
21Saratoga Headlamps and Leg CrampsRegular7:00 am
22The BIG Dack AttackRegular12:00 pm
23Das BootRegular7:00 am
24Screaming GeckosRegular7:00 am
25Saratoga Dirty DozenRegular8:00 am
26The White HotsRegular10:30 am
27Saratoga 2 Placid Endurance Dozen (S2PED)Regular6:00 am
28Baffled Snaffled and ChuffedRegular1:00 pm
29Super Heroes in TrainingRegular11:00 am
30Saratoga Sole SistersRegular10:30 am
31Team B.A.D. (Beer and Donuts)Regular8:00 am
32Moxie LadiesRegular6:00 am
34ADK Running ChicksRegular7:00 am
35Mixed Nutz Regular8:00 am
36Sullivan Striders Team # 1Regular12:00 pm
37Sullivan Striders Team # 2Regular12:00 pm
38Sole Sisters IRegular10:30 am
39Calendar GirlsRegular6:30 am
40Smooth Porno JamsRegular10:30 am
41What happens in the van stays in the van!Regular10:30 am
42We Came, We Saw, We Crawled up that !@#$ MountainRegular8:30 am
43Aunt Flo and the TestesRegular6:30 am
44No Pants DanceRegular8:00 am
45Sweet FeetRegular11:30 am
46RunningMaddenessRegular7:00 am
47Mojo MamasRegular6:00 am
48SneetchesRegular12:00 pm
492 Days and ConfusedRegular6:00 am
50Sole Sisters IIRegular10:30 am
51No Sleep Till PlacidRegular7:30 am
52Shut Up and Eat It!Regular10:30 am
53Carpe Viam - Seize the Road!Regular10:30 am
54JohnnycakeRegular3:00 pm
55Rock Solid RacingRegular1:00 pm
56We used to be RTBers, now we are Ragnarians!Regular
57If This Van's a Rockin' Don't Come a Knockin'!Regular8:00 am
58Glens Falls Tae Kwon DoRegular9:00 am
59The Fast, the Slow, and the UglyRegular1:00 pm
60Here for Beer Regular7:00 am
61Bloody StumpsRegular6:30 am
62Barrel RollersRegular9:30 am
64Dark & SweetRegular7:00 am
65The EdgeRegular10:00 am
66Liquor NutsRegular6:00 am
67Blood, Sweat & BeersRegular11:00 am
68I thought this was a 5K!Regular9:00 am
69Midnight CloudburstRegular9:30 am
70Team Soft Regular10:00 am
72Boomin GrannyUltra9:00 am
73Check one off the Bucket ListRegular6:00 am
74Last & FuriousRegular10:00 am
75The Mighty Morphin' Power RacersRegular
76New York 12 LinksRegular6:00 am
77Fit-tastic 12Regular7:30 am
78The RacersRegular7:00 am
79Beat Up From The Feet UpRegular7:30 am
80Purple ReignRegular8:30 am
81430 MendonitesRegular6:30 am
83Haulin' Mast: ADK Pirates on the Run! Regular9:00 am
84The Blithering IdiotsRegular12:00 pm
85Lactic PlacidRegular7:30 am
86Teufel HundenRegular12:00 pm
87Feet Don't Fail Me Now!!!Ultra7:30 am
88Is It All Uphill?Regular7:30 am
90Gnar KillRegular10:00 am
91Mellow YOLO GriffsUltra9:00 am
92Our middle legs are the hardest!Ultra10:00 am
93Mistake No MoreRegular1:30 pm
94Real Housewives of Bloor West VillageRegular6:30 am
95We're Off Like a Prom DressRegular7:00 am
96Don't Harsh Our MellowUltra10:00 am
97Runnin' Like We Stole SomethingRegular11:00 am
98Medal JunkiesRegular9:30 am
99Kickin Assirondacks!Regular6:00 am
100Has BeensRegular12:00 pm
101Toe Path TrekkersRegular6:00 am
102The ButtclenchersRegular7:00 am
103WHITVSITVRegular8:00 am
104Texas RoadkillRegular
105Team Name NeededRegular7:00 am
106Albany Running MamasRegular6:30 am
107Team Q.U.A.H.O.G: Running to waterUltra6:30 am
108The TribeRegular10:00 am
109We're with Dave Mari!!Regular7:30 am
110The Drunken NoodlesRegular7:00 am
111got hills?Regular9:30 am
112Leslie and the AdirondicksUltra8:00 am
113New York State Penitentiary Track Team !! Robbers Edition Regular8:30 am
114WOLRegular10:00 am
115ADK Loons on the LooseRegular7:30 am
116The Tribe IIRegular10:00 am
117Upstate AmericaRegular7:00 am
118WTF?! Where's The Finish?!Regular8:30 am
119Robin Hood Endurance Regular3:00 pm
120The Nautical MilersRegular6:30 am
121Code. Compile. Run!Regular7:30 am
122got the runsRegular6:30 am
123Happy PheetRegular11:00 am
124Sesame Street Regular7:30 am
125S'Cary Leg RunnersRegular9:30 am
126Dark Blue Penguins IIIRegular11:00 am
127Team FluBlokRegular8:00 am
128Omega Kicks AsphaltRegular7:00 am
129WampratsRegular7:30 am
130Pounding PavementRegular9:30 am
131Who is John Galt?Regular11:30 am
132Hudson River FalloutRegular1:30 pm
133Twisted BlisstersRegular12:00 pm
134Long Run to the PubRegular11:30 am
135AAA RefrigerationRegular8:30 am
136Are we there yet?Regular11:30 am
137Team Honey BadgerRegular10:30 am
138RidicurunRegular9:30 am
13912 Runners runningRegular9:30 am
140Embrace the SuckRegular6:00 am
141IRUNNY 2.0 - Don't Be A HeroRegular11:00 am
142Team Taco TuesdayRegular7:30 am
143Dash of the MohicansRegular8:00 am
144The Superior Athletes Presents.......Regular7:30 am
145Team UBURegular7:00 am
146Just Fasted and Furious! Regular9:30 am
147RagnArijit IIRegular8:30 am
148Snot RocketsRegular6:00 am
149Adcorp Media GroupRegular12:30 pm
150I.C.U. RunRegular12:00 pm
151MiracleRegular10:00 am
152The Dirty Dozen: Mission ContinuesRegular
153America Runs On RagnarRegular10:00 am
154The Variety PackRegular8:00 am
155Sudo Run Faster UltraUltra12:30 pm
156Two broads ShyRegular11:30 am
157Gang Green Regular12:30 pm
158Me Ragnar Long TimeRegular6:00 am
159Flying Spaghetti MonstersUltra12:30 pm
160Strangers in a Van with CandyRegular12:00 pm
161JoggernautsRegular10:30 am
162Flying Monkey Racing League-Nut Up or Shutup DivisionUltra7:30 am
163Run Night StandRegular1:00 pm
164Five DixUltra10:30 am
165Maids of DishonorRegular7:00 am
166Dack AttackRegular11:00 am
167Van of BrothersUltra12:30 pm
168We're Going Streaking!Regular6:30 am
169I thought you said Rum!Regular12:30 pm
170The Honey Badgers (cause we don't give a sh**!)Regular9:30 am
171The Baker's DozenRegular12:00 pm
172Dude, where's our van?Regular7:30 am
173Ultras Never Sleep, Better Slip Our Van An AmbienUltra1:00 pm
174Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron Regular7:00 am
175North American Distance SquadUltra1:30 pm
176Those Staten Island Boys..Regular1:30 pm
177Ladies of the LakeRegular10:30 am
178Adirondicks and ChicksRegular8:00 am
179AbeerondacksRegular9:30 am
180The RunsRegular6:00 am
181GoNardsRegular8:00 am
182Stridin' Towards HeidenRegular
183Santarus 1Regular8:30 am
184We are duned!Regular8:00 am
185Tag, You're It!Regular10:30 am
186Novus Ordo UltraUltra7:30 am
18712 Shades of GreyRegular1:30 pm
188The 1980 Olympic RunnersRegular9:00 am
189Scrambled Legs n AchinRegular6:30 am
190Santarus 22Regular8:30 am
191The Running DeadRegular7:30 am
192Operation Run Forrest RunRegular9:00 am
193Jog DMCRegular11:00 am
194Melvil Dewey and the DecimalsRegular6:00 am
195Center of Balance Regular6:00 am
196Move Your BootyRegular12:00 pm
197TrudeauranceRegular8:00 am
198Sudo Run FasterRegular12:00 pm
199Fifty Shades of PurpleRegular8:30 am
200Hot Sauce CommitteeRegular7:30 am
201Sweep the LegRegular9:30 am
202Muffin NinjasRegular8:30 am
203Butter PaceRegular11:00 am
204More Cowbell! Ultra1:30 pm
206We've Got the RunsRegular1:00 pm
207Dey Bow BowRegular1:30 pm
208CFSBK: Skull & BorgRegular7:00 am
209CFSBK: Skull & Borg 2Regular6:30 am
2106-Pack FlabsUltra7:00 am
212The AdiruuuundaksRegular6:00 am
213JellyfishRegular7:00 am
215Alex's AngelsUltra9:00 am
216Rock & RunRegular6:30 am
217No JokeRegular6:30 am
218Sofa KingsRegular10:00 am
219That's What She SaidRegular10:00 am
220Flying Monkey Racing League-Empire State DivisionRegular6:00 am
221Unlimited ExposureRegular11:00 am
222Upstate UltraUltra10:00 am
223What a Long Strange Trip It's BeenRegular7:30 am
224Virgins & 2 TimersRegular7:30 am
225The Lost SolesRegular12:00 pm
226Kickin' AsphaltRegular12:00 pm
227Freedom RunnersRegular6:00 am
228Where's the beer stations?Regular8:30 am
229Uline Same Day ShippingRegular1:30 pm
230Uline Next Day DeliveryRegular7:00 am
231Three-Legged MonstersRegular10:30 am
232People's Republic of RunningUltra
233Adirondack Mountain Club VolunteersRegular
234Put Some Stank On It!Regular6:00 am
235Gnarly GnarwhalsRegular10:00 am
236Save A Horse Ride a RunnerUltra1:00 pm
237Your pace or mine?Regular9:30 am
238Purple Reign 2Regular8:00 am
239Team PrickeyesRegular8:00 am
240Ragnar ADiKtsRegular6:30 am
241All Nails, No HammerRegular6:00 am
242Milk Was A Bad ChoiceRegular10:30 am
243We've Got The RunsRegular11:30 am
244Justice Scalia and The Original SexualistsRegular6:30 am
245Stormin' MormonsUltra12:00 pm
246Foundation Team En FuegoRegular1:30 pm
247Rhode WarriorsRegular9:30 am
248Get Fit For ItRegular11:30 am
249Iron FriendsRegular6:30 am
250The RagabondsRegular11:30 am
251The TransformationRegular7:30 am
252Our Shoes Are Nicer Than YoursRegular11:00 am
254Ragnar? I don't even know her!Regular7:30 am
255JW PeepsRegular9:30 am
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Regular (12)
$120.00 per runner
Ultra (6)
$160.00 per runner
High School (12)
$43.33 per runner
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at 11:59 PM MST

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