What if I don’t know 12 people who run? Don’t sweat it!

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way:

Swagtastic Team

1. Join the Ragnar Nation!

Like us on Facebook and post on our wall or in the Events Tab and post that you are looking for runners or a team! Follow us on Twitter and join in on the #Ragnar discussion.

Team Ped Fencing

2. Connect with Friends

Sure, they may say, “I’m not a runner.” But, we’re pretty sure they have it in them. Ragnars are unique because they allow experienced runners to be on the same team as newbie runners – there’s a place for everyone.

Muppets So Cal Team

3. Ask Your Family

They basically have to help you. After all, you have those photos of them from the ‘awkward teen years’.

Ragnar delivers everything you loved about playing a team sport — especially the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself. Ragnar lives in the territory between "serious challenge" and "serious fun." Over the course of 36 hours, you and your teammates will share highs, lows, triumphs, doubts, cheers, and more laughter than a van full of sweaty people thought possible. The culmination? That indescribable, exhilarating moment when the 12 of you celebrate your shared accomplishment, crossing the finish line - together.

From the newbie to ultra-marathoner, there's a role for everyone in Ragnar. Relay legs range from 3-8 miles, with each runner averaging 12-20 miles total. That means your team has room and a challenge for everyone. As long as your team's overall average pace is 11 minutes/mile, you're golden.


Divisions & Classifications

You can change your Division/Classification in the Team Dashboard after your team has been created.

Division Requirement
Open One or more under 30
Masters All 40+
Submasters All 30+
Corporate Nine employees
Public Service Nine service
High School Students age 14-18
Classification REGULAR (12) / ULTRA (6) REQUIREMENT
Men 7-12 Men / 4-6 Men
Women All women
Mixed 6 or more women / 3 or more women